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The Mobile ​

Nestled on the western side of the Gardens lies a mobile home, currently under total renovation from the ground up. It will house an eventual kitchen for commericial and education purposes and administrative offices. 

Veterans' Amphitheatre 

Dedicated to our veterans near and far, this open-air venue will see performances from area talents or serve as a special place for relaxation to all visitors. 

The Pond 

The north-side pond will hold over one million gallons of water, as well as house several amphibian species and water plants, currently home to lots of Koi. 








The Fence ​

With great Ozark beauty comes destructive species that could potentially cause harm to our gardens and water structures. A rock fence along the outskirts of our seven acres is on a long list of projects to complete. 

The Labyrinth 

Not to be confused with a maze, our labyrinth is ready for you to come de-stress and relax as you walk through it. 

The Planting ​

There's plenty to be planted on a seven acre lot. This organization has already received numerous plant donations and often hosts planting parties throughout the year. 

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