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The Gardens

They feed the soul. Our philosophy encompasses entire communities. We believe we can achieve optimum health and wellness, attain wisdom, educate our society for positive growth and development and provide a special place for generations.

Where Gardens Feed the Soul

Health Haven Botanical Gardens will be a sustainable, regional botanical garden that provides health and gardening education, Ozarks native botanical research, display and preservation, and a community therapeutic horticultural mileu to improve health outcomes and address special health needs through collaborative partnerships. 

Whether you have time, talents or resources, your assistance is invaluable. Our volunteers and donors are our most priceless assets.

This project is a community endeavor, and there are and always will be projects that need to be completed in order for us to attain our mission and vision.

To provide health and gardening education; Ozarks native and heritage plant research, display, preservation and propagation; and a regional therapeutic horticultural environment.


Health Haven Botanical Gardens is a concept whose time has come for rural America.


Each local garden will provide health and gardening education, native plant conservation and a therapeutic horticultural environment for people of all ages to reconnect with themeselves, nature and each other. 

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Building a botanical garden from the ground up is not easy. The organization is grateful to have had Americorps Earth 5 from April to July 2016. They contributed immensely to several ongoing landscaping, construction and gardening projects. 

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